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REIDEA ES1 Smart Candle Warmer Lamp (iOS and Android)

REIDEA ES1 Smart Candle Warmer Lamp (iOS and Android)

$59.99 USD
$79.99 USD

The Smart REIDEA Candle Warmer Lamp, controlled by the esLife app, combines elegance and technology to enhance your home's ambiance while providing convenient, safe, and customizable lighting options.

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The Problem with Traditional Lighters

Did you know that 750 million lighters end up in landfills every year? The numbers are staggering:

Beyond the sheer waste, the environmental impact is significant. The burning of butane releases greenhouse gases, which are some of the most harmful volatile substances to inhale. This pollution contributes to a cycle of environmental degradation that affects us all.

The Birth of REIDEA Lighters and REIDEA Candle Warmer Lamp

It’s time for change, and the future is here today with REIDEA Electric Lighters and REIDEA Candle Warmer Lamp. The first time you use an electric lighter or a candle warmer lamp, you might have the same reaction we did: “Holy crap, why isn’t everyone using these?"

As we dug deeper into the lighter industry, we found that it’s enormous and enormously terrible for people and the environment. That’s when the REIDEA Lighter and candle warmer lamp was born. We focus on beautifully designed products that contribute as little as possible to landfills, oceans, and pollution in general.

Our Impact and Commitment

We’ve already kept over 80 million disposable, plastic, butane-filled lighters out of the ecosystem, and we’re just getting started. Our commitment to sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to quality and design.

Recognition and Popularity

Our beautifully designed lighters have gained attention from notable figures like Katie Decker-Jacoby, appearing on her Favorite Things list, as well as on several TV shows (NBC and Desert News, to name a couple).

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Lavender Purple
Mint Green
Pine Green
Rose Gold
Sky Blue
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