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REIDEA R1 Flat Lighter for Candle

Candle Warmer Lamp

🔥 Safe and Efficient Melting: Melt your candles without the worry of an open flame, ensuring a safe and clean experience.

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REIDEA R1 Flat Lighter for Candle

T2 Candle Warmer

🏡Style Meets Warmth: Enhance your home's ambiance with a sleek and stylish design that emits a warm, inviting light, making it a perfect decorative piece for any room

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REIDEA S4 Electronic Candle Lighters

A chic and daily gadget

Stylish look and excellent practicability makes it a necessary gadget to be kept in your home, and the design of no flame and butane spares you a great many of troubles.

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REIDEA F2 Flexible Lighter for Candle

F2 Flexible Lighter

REIDEA’s F2 Candle lighter is meant to bring convenience and efficiency to your house and ultimately unleash your culinary ability that you didn’t know exist before. Let’s bring on the show!

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REIDEA M2 Body Measuring Tape

R7 Pro Lighter with Biometric Lock

Securely unlock the lighter with a touch of your fingerprint.

View REIDEA R7 Pro Lighter
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