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January 12, 2023
REIDEA Takes Its All-Time Winner -- the Electric Arc Lighter to a Higher Level

REIDEA Released S4 Pro Electronic Candle Lighters

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- REIDEA has included a newly-upgraded electric arc lighter into its much applauded lighter range. This one comes with the same perks such as USB rechargeable, safety lock, highly portable, windproof etc. The battery indicator built on the body is the new feature that's been added this time. Through the indicator the amount of remaining power can be clearly viewed, which greatly enhances the user experience.

However, if you are wondering what an arc lighter is, here is a simple explanation: Instead of open flame, an arc lighter produces heat via a small arc of high-voltage electrical current that's hotter than a traditional lighter, but in a more concentrated area. So it's safe to say it can fulfill any lighting task that a traditional butane lighter can do. Just that it's chic and sleek in style, also more energy-efficient and powerful when it comes to lighting things.

Currently occupying the first place in the category of lighters listed on Amazon, REIDEA is feeling tremendously excited and proud to introduce this updated version. Over the past few months, REIDEA team has poured a great amount of time and effort into providing possibly the best customer service and improving product quality. It finally paid off for this hardworking team. So we are confident that REIDEA arc lighter will continue to satisfy its customers with its reliable quality and incredible service.

REIDEA is a brand that believes in the power that a small yet innovative gadget can possess to improve people's daily lives. That's why its branding director Sunny Cheung always motivates the team to design and develop products that meet people's essential needs while combining aesthetics and practicability in a balanced way. REIDEA sincerely cares to "craft a better life" for consumers around the world.

Now available for order on REIDEA website, make sure you check out this product properly if you would like to get a jump on others!

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